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Undergraduate Degree Programs

First-Year Seminar

For some courses, a more detailed description may be available, accessible by clicking on the course number. All course descriptions are updated periodically.

120 courses.

A E 124S
Architectural Engineering Orientation (1) Introduction to architectural engineering; lectures and discussions with special reference to the relation of architectural engineering to the building industry.
Effective: Fall 1999

A ED 101S
Introduction to Art Education (3) This course introduces students to issues, concepts, and ideas in Art Education.
Effective: Summer 2002

Aerospace Explorer--First-Year Seminar (1) First-Year Seminar explores aerodynamics, structural mechanics, flight mechanics, rotorcraft systems, high performance computers, air/space propulsion, and space systems.
Effective: Fall 1999

First-Year Seminar in African American Studies (3) Cultural, philosophical, economic, political, and global dynamics of the Black experience in the United States and the Diaspora.
Effective: Fall 2013

AG 150S
Be a Master Student! (2) Students explore agricultural issues and research methodologies through literature review, library searches, field studies, and critical thinking.
Effective: Summer 1999
Prerequisite: first- or second-semester standing

AG 160S (GH)
Introduction to Ethics and Issues in Agriculture (3) Introduce students to the University and College of Ag Sciences preparing them to succeed. Review ethical theories and issues in American agriculture.
Effective: Summer 2012
Prerequisite: fifth- or second semester standing

AM ST 083S (GH)
First-Year Seminar in American Studies (3) Critical approaches to the interdisciplinary study of American culture.
Effective: Summer 1999

AN SC 110S
Contemporary Issues in Animal Biotechnology and Society (1) An introductory survey of animal biotechnology in society, the role for biotechnology and how it will benefit society.
Effective: Summer 2013

ANTH 083S (GS)
First-Year Seminar in Anthropology (3) This seminar introduces students to anthropology as a scientific discipline with ties to other social and natural sciences.
Effective: Summer 1999

First-Year Seminar in Applied Linguistics (3) Introduction to the application of theories of language to cognition, culture, gender, society, and second language acquisition.
Effective: Summer 2005

Basic Design Studio I (4) An introduction to the basic concepts, methods, and skills of architectural design in a project-based, active learning, studio environment.
Effective: Summer 2008
Prerequisite: or concurrent ARCH 121

ART 011S
First-Year Seminar-School of Visual Arts (1) Facilitate student's adjustment to the high expectations, demanding workload, increased academic liberties, and other aspects of the transition to college life.
Effective: Spring 2016

ART H 001S (GA)
First-Year Seminar (3) An introduction to the field of art history, through an examination of a selected issue in a seminar setting.
Effective: Fall 2000

Asian Studies First Year Seminar (3) The meaning and advantages of a Liberal Arts education in context of a specific discipline.
Effective: Fall 2015

First-Year Astronomy Seminar (2) Introduction to the study of modern astronomy through discussions, activities, and writing.
Effective: Summer 1999

Foundations: Civic and Community Engagement (3) Conceptual foundations of public scholarship and orientation to contemporary themes and issues in civic and community engagement.
Effective: Summer 2013

B A 100S (GS)
Introduction to Business (3) A comprehensive view of the contemporary environment of business.
Effective: Fall 2009

B E 001S
Growing Your Future--First-Year Seminar (1) First-year seminar to introduce students to the breadth of the agricultural and biological engineering profession, including bioprocessing, machinery, and natural resources.
Effective: Fall 2015
Prerequisite: first-year status

BB H 019S
Health and Disease (1) Essentials of communicable and chronic disease control.
Effective: Spring 2005

BB H 148S
Coping with College: A First Year Transition Seminar (2) Exploration of effective learning strategies, university resources, academic requirements and planning, career development issues in discussion-centered environment.
Effective: Summer 1999

BIOL 110S (GN)
Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity (4) A study of the evolution of the major groups of organisms including the fundamental concepts of biology. This course also fulfills the First-Year Seminar requirements.
Effective: Summer 1999

BME 100S
Biomedical Engineering Seminar (1) First-year seminar to introduce the students to the field of biomedical engineering, and related opportunities in research, and industry.
Effective: Fall 2014

C E 100S
Topics and Contemporary Issues in Civil and Environmental Engineering: First-Year Seminar (1) First-Year Seminar exploring a specific topic or contemporary issue in civil and environmental engineering.
Effective: Fall 1999

First-Year Seminar in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (3) Critical approach to the study of ancient Mediterranean languages, literatures, and/or material cultures.
Effective: Summer 2005

CAP 100S
Orientation to the Undergraduate Experience (1) To facilitate transition of new students through active engagement and introduction to university and campus resources.
Effective: Fall 2004

CAP 110S
First-Year Seminar for Capital College, The School of Behavioral Sciences and Education (1) Introduction to Penn State culture, information literacy and collaboration skills, and introduction to majors and careers relevant to the discipline.
Effective: Spring 2003

CAP 120S
First-Year Seminar for Business (1) Introduction to Penn State culture, information literacy and collaboration skills, and introduction to majors and careers relevant to the discipline.
Effective: Spring 2003

CAP 140S
First-Year Seminar for Humanities (1) Introduction to the discipline including: ethics, research methods, communications, career opportunities/issues and applied technology.
Effective: Summer 1999
Prerequisite: or concurrent: CAP 100S

CAP 150S
First-Year Seminar for Capital College, The School of Public Affairs (1) Introduction to Penn State culture, information literacy and collaboration skills, and introduction to majors and careers relevant to the discipline.
Effective: Spring 2003

CAP 160S
First-Year Seminar for Capital College, The School of Science, Engineering and Technology (1) Introduction to Penn State culture, information literacy and collaboration skills, and introduction to majors and careers relevant to the discipline.
Effective: Spring 2004

CAS 083S (GS)
First-Year Seminar in Speech Communication (3) Introduction to major theoretical, critical, research and pedagogical issues in human communication.
Effective: Fall 2003

CAS 084S (GH)
First-Year Seminar in Communication Arts and Sciences (3) Introduction to significant issues surrounding effective human communication; humanities emphasis.
Effective: Summer 2002

CAS 100S (GWS)
Effective Speech (3) Principles of communication, implemented through presentation of speeches, with some attention to group discussion and message evaluation.
Effective: Fall 2003

CH E 100S
Exploring Chemical Engineering First-Year Seminar (1) The exploration of Chemical Engineering and available career opportunities.
Effective: Summer 2007

First-Year Seminar in Comparative Literature (3) International topics in literature and culture; each seminar will have a specific topic as announced (see the Comparative Literature Web site).
Effective: Summer 2005

Computers and Computer Hardware (1) A brief orientation to University life and resources and an introduction to computers and computer hardware.
Effective: Spring 2009

Logic for Computer Science (1) An introduction to logic and its application to problem solving and computer science.
Effective: Spring 2009

COMM 100S (GS)
The Mass Media and Society (3) Mass communications in the United States: organization, role, content, and effects of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, books, and films.
Effective: Fall 2005

First-Year Seminar in Criminal Justice (3) Critical approaches to issues in criminal justice and criminology.
Effective: Spring 2015

E E 007S
Adventures in Electrical Engineering (1) Exploration of electrical engineering through several hands-on activities that cover a broad spectrum of applications and fundamental concepts.
Effective: Fall 1999

E E 008S
Introduction to Digital Music (1) First-year seminar that discusses digital music from an electrical engineering perspective; topics include sampling, digital filtering, compression, and music synthesis.
Effective: Fall 2001

E E 009S
First-Year Seminar in Electrical Engineering (1) First-year seminar covering a variety of Electrical Engineering topics that vary from year to year.
Effective: Spring 2008

E SC 120S
Design for Failure--First-Year Seminar (1) This seminar, through the utilization of commonly used examples, discusses the engineering principles which are exploited by such designs.
Effective: Summer 2000

E SC 121S
Science/Engineering Fiction and the Engineering Sciences--First-Year Seminar (1) Examines the technology predictions of authors in view of the engineering sciences on which the underlying devices of their stories are based.
Effective: Summer 2000

E SC 122S
Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Materials and Devices--First-Year Seminar (1) First-year seminar that surveys the use of novel materials and material systems to create practical devices.
Effective: Summer 2000

E SC 123S
Catastrophic Failures--First-Year Seminar (1) First-year seminar that explores design deficiencies through the study of case histories of a number of famous failures.
Effective: Summer 2000

ECON 083S (GS)
First-Year Seminar in Economics (3) Experiments in microeconomic principles.
Effective: Summer 1999

Explorations in Design First-Year Seminar (1) Students explore topical issues in engineering design.
Effective: Spring 2007

Solar Racers First-Year Seminar (1) Students explore solar energy engineering by designing, building, testing, and racing a model car powered by a photoboltaic panel.
Effective: Spring 2007

Ethics of Star Trek First-Year Seminar (1) The Star Trek television series is used as an introduction to ethics, with application to student life and engineering practice.
Effective: Spring 2007

Transformations by Design: First-Year Seminar (1) Examination of the social and environmental transformations that follow engineering design, and of the transformations of students by higher education.
Effective: Spring 2007

Introduction to Engineering Design (3) Introduction to engineering design processes, methods, and decision making using team design projects; design communication methods including graphical, verbal, and written.
Effective: Fall 2007

Competing Rights: Issues in American Education (3) An examination of educational issues relevant to democratic citizenship; emphasis is on understanding the relationship among politics, schools, and society.
Effective: Spring 2006

First-Year Seminar in Education (3) Learning about a scholarly community through the development of knowledge and skills needed for successful participation in higher education.
Effective: Fall 2007

EET 002S
Introduction to Engineering Technology (1) Introduction to engineering technology and the use of computer methods for analyzing and solving engineering technology problems; microcomputer fundamentals, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software packages.
Effective: Fall 2007

EM SC 100S (GWS)
Earth and Mineral Sciences First-Year Seminar (3) Writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills applied to topics of general interest in Environmental and Materials Science.
Effective: Spring 2001

ENGL 003S (GH)
The Great Traditions in American Literature (3) Major works of fiction, drama, and poetry from the colonial to the modern periods expressing enduring issues and values.
Effective: Fall 2002

Rhetoric and Composition (3) Instruction and practice in writing expository prose that shows sensitivity to audience and purpose.
Effective: Summer 1999
Prerequisite: ENGL 004 or satisfactory performance on the English proficiency examination

Honors Freshman Composition (3) Writing practice for specially qualified and screened students. Students who have passed a special writing test will qualify for this course.
Effective: Spring 2003

ENGL 083S (GH)
First-Year Seminar in English (3) Critical approaches to the dimensions and directions in English/American literature and rhetoric.
Effective: Summer 1999

Alternative Voices in American Literature (3) United States writers from diverse backgrounds offering varying responses to issues such as race, class, gender, and ethnicity.
Effective: Summer 2005

Black American Literature (3) Fiction, poetry, and drama, including such writers as Baldwin, Douglass, Ellison, Morrison, and Wright.
Effective: Fall 2006

The Short Story (3) Lectures, discussion, readings in translation, with primary emphasis on major writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Effective: Spring 2006

Women Writers (3) Short stories, novels, poetry, drama, and essays by English, American, and other English-speaking women writers.
Effective: Summer 2005

Introduction to Engineering (1) A seminar providing information about different engineering majors, coping with college life, and exploring educational and career goals.
Effective: Fall 1999

Introduction to Forestry (1) A general introduction to forest ecology, history, management, and practices.
Effective: Summer 2013

FR 083S (GH;IL)
First-Year Seminar in French (3) Critical approaches to the dimensions and directions in French/Francophone literatures and cultures.
Effective: Summer 2005

GD 001S
First-Year Seminar in Graphic Design (1) An orientation to the historical, social, and professional context of design and an exposure to a variety of ethical, philosophical, and topical ideas from the world of design.
Effective: Summer 2007
Prerequisite: admission to the AADES program

First-Year Seminar in German (3) Germany's cultural past and present.
Effective: Summer 2005

HD FS 129S (GS)
Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies (3) Introduction to psychosocial and family development at all stages of the individual and family life cycle.
Effective: Summer 2006

HIST 083S (GH)
First-Year Seminar in History (3) Critical approaches to the dimensions and directions in History.
Effective: Summer 1999

I E 100S
Discover Industrial Engineering: First-Year Seminar (1) Informational First-year on Industrial Engineering as a career choice and profession; lab exercises; guest speakers; real world problems.
Effective: Fall 1999

Introduction to International Studies (3) An introductory multidisciplinary course designed to familiarize students with critical international issues.
Effective: Summer 2005

IST 111S
Seminar in Information Sciences and Technology (1) Introduction to academic requirements, career planning, and information literacy for students majoring in the College of Information Sciences and Technology.
Effective: Spring 2001

IT 083S (GH;IL)
First-Year Seminar in Italian Literature, Film, and Culture (3) Introduction to the study of Italian literature, film, and culture.
Effective: Summer 2005

J ST 083S (GH;IL)
First-Year Seminar in Jewish Studies (3) Critical approaches to the history, sociology, and literature of Jewish Studies.
Effective: Summer 2005

Ballroom Dance (1.5) A course designed to provide students with basic dance skills and an understanding and appreciation of ballroom dance.
Effective: Fall 2007

Fitness Theory and Practice (3) Students will learn about the science of fitness/wellness; evaluate their present fitness levels and create a personal fitness plan.
Effective: Summer 2005

L A 083S
First Year Seminar in the Liberal Arts (1) An exploration of a theme through the lens of the humanities, social sciences and diverse cultural perspectives.
Effective: Summer 2013
Prerequisite: open only to DUS students

L A 100S
Contemporary Legal Issues (3) An introduction to law-related issues with a focus on current legal topics viewed from an across discipline perspective.
Effective: Summer 2013

L ST 083S
The Twenty-First Century Researcher (1) Students learn to use technology and Libraries resources to access and cite relevant information into academic research projects.
Effective: Fall 2009

Landscape Architecture Orientation Seminar (1) Introductory seminar involving readings on significant issues in landscape architecture. LARCH majors only.
Effective: Spring 2007

LER 083S (GS)
First-Year Seminar in Labor Studies and Employment Relations (3) Critical approaches to the dimensions and direction in Labor and Employment Relations.
Effective: Spring 2008

M E 101S
Toy Fundamentals: First-Year Seminar (1) First-Year Seminar focusing on toy design and manufacture.
Effective: Fall 1999

M E 102S
Smart Lego Robots & Design (1) First-Year Seminar focusing on the development of technology exploration kits for middle-school-aged children.
Effective: Fall 2004

M E 105S
Product Dissection A: Bicycles--First-Year Seminar (1) A First-Year Seminar in which students analyze and disassemble a multi-speed bicycle.
Effective: Fall 1999

M E 106S
Product Dissection B: Household Appliances--First-Year Seminar (1) A First-Year Seminar in which students analyze and disassemble household appliances.
Effective: Fall 1999

M E 107S
Product Dissection C: The Enigmatic Engine--First-Year Seminar (1) A First-Year Seminar in which students analyze and disassemble a single-cylinder lawnmower engine.
Effective: Fall 1999

M E 190S
Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: First-Year Seminar (1) A First-Year Seminar focusing on issues related to Mechanical Engineering.
Effective: Fall 1999

Business Leadership (3) The aim of this course is to introduce fundamental concepts of business management and leadership.
Effective: Spring 2000

An Introduction to Western Music (3) A general survey of art music in western society, highlighting important composers and stylistic developments.
Effective: Summer 2006

First-Year Seminar in Music Education (1) Introduction to the University, the School of Music, the music education degree program, and the music teaching profession.
Effective: Fall 2006

First-Year Music Seminar (2) Individual applied instruction and group activities; orientation, area recitals, and studio classes as required by instructor.
Effective: Summer 1999
Prerequisite: permission of instructor

First-Year Performance Seminar (3) Individual applied instruction and group activities; orientation, area recitals, and studio classes as required by instructor.
Effective: Summer 1999
Prerequisite: permission of instructor

First-Year Composition Seminar (2) Individual composition instruction for freshman composition majors (Fall semester) and group activities.
Effective: Summer 1999
Prerequisite: admission to the BM degree in Composition

NUC E 001S
Atomic Adventures: First-Year Seminar (1) First-year seminar exploring the interesting and exciting world of nuclear science and its applications.
Effective: Fall 1999

Nursing Roles (4) Introduction to nursing roles/process with emphasis on societal norms and multicultural influences on health care needs.
Effective: Spring 2011
Prerequisite: admission to 2NURS major

O T 100S
Structural Foundations of Occupational Therapy (1) An overview of the structural foundations of the occupational therapy profession.
Effective: Spring 2011

P T 100S
Physical Therapist Assistant-Introduction (3) Orientation to the field of physical therapy, historical background of the profession, professional ethics, medical terminology, and patient care techniques with First Year Seminar requirements.
Effective: Fall 2016
Prerequisite: Prerequisite or Concurrent: BIOL 129

P T 101S
Introduction to Computer Skills for the PTA (1) Introduction to basic computer skills for the physical therapist assistant.
Effective: Fall 2011

PHIL 010S (GH)
Critical Thinking (3) Discussion of the validity, soundness, and fallacies of everyday language use and reasoning; informal logic; and manipulative arguments and propaganda.
Effective: Spring 2005

PHIL 083S (GH)
First-Year Seminar in Philosophy (3) Critical introduction to philosophical issues in ethics, social and political theory, religion, art, metaphysics, and epistemology.
Effective: Summer 1999

PL SC 083S (GS)
First-Year Seminar in Political Science (3) Exploration of current topics of interest in political science, international relations, and/or political theory.
Effective: Summer 1999

PSU 008S
First-Year Seminar University College (1-3) Facilitate student's adjustment to the high expectations, demanding workload, increased academic liberties, and other aspects of the transition to college life.
Effective: Spring 2015

First-Year Seminar in Psychology (3) Scientific, societal, and individual implications of contemporary psychological theory.
Effective: Spring 2007

Introductory Psychology (3) Introduction to general psychology; principles of human behavior and their applications.
Effective: Spring 2007

RL ST 083S (GH)
First-Year Seminar in Religious Studies (3) Critical approaches to the dimensions and directions in Religious Studies.
Effective: Summer 1999

Introduction to Golf Management (2) First year seminar for students enrolled in the Professional Golf Management option of RPTM.
Effective: Summer 2014

First-Year Seminar in Russian (3) Russia's cultural past and present.
Effective: Summer 2005

S T S 200S (GS)
Critical Issues in Science, Technology, and Society (3) An overview of interactions between science, technology, and society from social sciences and humanities perspectives.
Effective: Summer 1999

SOC 001S (GS)
Introductory Sociology (3) The nature and characteristics of human societies and social life.
Effective: Spring 2006

SOC 083S (GS)
First-Year Seminar in Sociology (3) Critical approaches to issues in the structure of society.
Effective: Summer 1999

First-Year Seminar in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures (3) Introduction to the study of Hispanic literatures and cultures.
Effective: Summer 2005

SRA 001S
First-Year Seminar in Security and Risk Analysis (1) Provides introduction to the field of Security and Risk Analysis and assessments of key skills.
Effective: Summer 2006

First-Year Seminar: Theatre Production Practices (1) An orientation to the School of Theatre production practices, resources, faculty, and practicum.
Effective: Spring 2006
Prerequisite: admission into Theatre Program

Workshop: Theatre in Diverse Cultures (3) A performance-oriented class, which explores the historic and contemporary theatrical works of various culturally diverse peoples.
Effective: Summer 2005

VB SC 050S
Mechanisms of Disease (3) Introduction to the study of disease pathogenesis and careers in Animal Health Research and Service.
Effective: Fall 2007

Wildlife Management Techniques (4) Overview of laboratory and field techniques for natural resource research and management.
Effective: Summer 2013
Prerequisite: WILDL 101

Introduction to Women's Studies (3) Interdisciplinary consideration of the scholarly theories and research pertaining to women's experiences and women's status in contemporary American society.
Effective: Fall 2009

First-Year Seminar in Women's Studies (3) Critical approaches to the dimensions and directions in Women's Studies.
Effective: Summer 2005


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