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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Baccalaureate Degrees Granted

Undergraduate majors offered at Penn State lead to one or more of the following baccalaureate degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (five-year program), Bachelor of Architecture (five-year program), Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Humanities, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (five-year program), Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Musical Arts, and Bachelor of Philosophy. Not all degrees are offered at every location. Baccalaureate degrees offered at Penn State include both those that are designed to provide an academic (including preprofessional) experience and those that are specifically designed to provide professional preparation. To ensure excellence, all professionally oriented degree majors provide a strong academic base. The Bachelor of Arts degree (with a given major) is an academic degree; the Bachelor of Science degree (with a given major) and the bachelor's degree in any subject area (e.g., Bachelor of Architecture) are professional degrees. The Bachelor of Philosophy degree, described in the Intercollege Undergraduate Programs section of this bulletin, is planned individually and may be designed to serve either academic or professional purposes.

BACHELOR OF ARTS-- See Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements (Opens New Window) .

BACHELOR OF HUMANITIES--Bachelor of Humanties degree majors are required to take 18 credits (referenced below). In addition, students are expected to complete credits required by their college and major.

HUM 300W(3) and HUM 400(3)

Select 1 course each from four different major/program offerings:
A&A, AMST, ART, ART H, CAMS, COMM, CMLIT, ENGL, HIST, INART, MUSIC, PHIL, RL ST, THEA, or courses from the School of Humanities (Penn State Harrisburg, the Capital College) approved list.

BACHELOR OF PHILOSOPHY--The Bachelor of Philosophy degree is the only one not offered through any college or school but rather on a University-wide basis. This degree allows students to plan their own programs, in conjunction with a faculty preceptor, within the framework of the academic program of the University. A description of this degree is found in the Intercollege Undergraduate Programs section of this bulletin.


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