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Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board

THE ADVANCED PLACEMENT PROGRAM OF THE COLLEGE BOARD — The University cooperates with the College Board in this program. Credit may be awarded for Advanced Placement Examinations depending upon the grade earned on the examination and other factors as indicated in the following paragraphs.

A student who does advanced work in high school may take Advanced Placement Examinations that are based on college-level studies. For some examinations, the amount of credit awarded varies with an earned grade of three, four, or five. If credit is awarded, a student's University record will carry notation of credit, but no grade will be recorded. Credit acquired in this manner does not affect a student's grade-point average at the University.

Limitations of credit earned through the Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations are as follows:

  1. Degree programs determine whether the credits earned may be used to meet degree requirements.
  2. A student who has earned credit for a particular course through AP examinations may elect to take the same course at Penn State (unless restricted by placement policies of the unit offering the course), but the duplicate credit cannot be used to meet any additional degree requirements.  However, the grade earned in the Penn State course will count towards the student’s grade point average.
  3. Credit(s) will be posted to the student’s record but will not appear on the student’s official transcript until the student has completed a credit-bearing course at Penn State.

General credit may be awarded for an AP examination covering material that is not the substantial equivalent of material covered in a specific University course. General credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements in any area; their use is not necessarily limited to general education or elective requirements. General credits are applied to a student's program of study in accordance with the procedures established by the college or other degree-granting unit of enrollment. Information about the use of general credits or specific course credits earned by AP examinations in individual programs of study may be obtained from a student's academic adviser or from the office of the dean of a student's college.

Undergraduate students interested in receiving credit for AP examinations should arrange for their official grade reports to be sent directly from Educational Testing Service (ETS) to the Undergraduate Admissions Office,The Pennsylvania State University, 201 Shields Building, Box 3000, University Park PA 16804-3000; which is responsible for evaluating such reports and awarding credit.

The schedule of credit awarded for AP examinations may be revised as a result of periodic review by the faculty.

Current information about advanced placement credit awarded by Penn State can be obtained from the Undergraduate Admissions Office, The Pennsylvania State University, 201 Shields Building, Box 3000, University Park PA 16804-3000; 814-865-5471; on the Web: advanced placement opportunities. (Opens New Window)


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