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Credit By Portfolio Assessment

A currently enrolled student who can document college-level learning acquired in a non-collegiate setting may be able to petition for undergraduate credit through portfolio assessment. Not all academic units offer portfolio assessment for credit. Students interested in determining whether to pursue credit by portfolio assessment opportunities should contact the academic department responsible for the relevant course.

Criteria for the award of credit via portfolio include:

Credit is granted for the demonstration of college-level learning obtained during work or other experience, but not for the experience itself. Learning must be documented and must represent college-level achievement. Advisers will provide guidance on the steps necessary to construct a portfolio providing evidence of prior learning that meets academic quality expectations.

Credit by portfolio assessment does not carry a grade. It may be awarded to enrolled students at the undergraduate level only.

Credit may not duplicate other course work that the student has already completed. A student may not enroll in and earn credit for a course for which credit already has been granted via portfolio assessment.

Credit may be awarded following an evaluation of the portfolio by an individual faculty member or by a team of faculty members and/or other selected personnel who represent the academic unit in which the subject matter is to be evaluated.

Credit earned via portfolio is designated on the transcript in the same manner as transfer credit. Credit(s) will be posted to the student’s record but will not appear on the student’s official transcript until the student has completed a credit-bearing course at Penn State.

A fee is assessed to recover portfolio evaluation costs. A maximum of 6 credits may be earned for a single portfolio (course). Associate degree candidates may be awarded a maximum of 16 credits. Baccalaureate degree candidates are limited to a maximum of 30 credits earned by portfolio assessment.


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