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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies Minor

Intercollege Program (CMAS)

Erica Lunkenheimer, Professor-in-Charge,

The Inter-college minor in Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies is designed for students who wish to supplement their academic majors with studies in child protection and well-being. The minor provides students with a broad and interdisciplinary introduction to child maltreatment and serves to establish foundational knowledge of the history and and etiology of child maltreatment, the structure and administration of child protective service systems, and the identification, investigation, treatment, and prevention of child maltreatment. Students completing this minor will have an understanding of the issues surrounding child maltreatment and advocacy and will be better prepared for professions across a variety of settings that serve children. To meet a diverse range of student interests, four core courses (12 credits) establish foundational knowledge in child maltreatment and advocacy and two elective courses (6 credits) offer opportunities for students to select course options aligned with their professional goals. A capstone course involving field work, research, or other relevant work is required.

For a minor in Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies a minimum of 18 credits are required.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


CMAS 258(3), CMAS 465(3), CMAS 466(3), CMAS 493(1-3)

Select 6 credits from BBH 146 GHA(3), BBH 301(3), BBH 446(3), CNED 422(3), CNED 431(3), CRIM 12 GS(3), CRIM 422(3), CRIM 423(3), CRIM 441(3), EDPSY 10(3), HDFS 129 GS(3), HDFS 229 GS(3), HDFS 239 GS(3), HDFS 432(3), HDFS 453(3), HDFS 455(3), NURS 111(4), NURS 230(4), NURS 245(3), NURS 409(3), PSYCH 270(3), PSYCH 243 GS(3), PSYCH 231 GS(3), PSYCH 436(3), PSYCH 476(3),  PSYCH 421, RHS 300(3), RHS 301(3), RHS 401(3), RHS 402(3), RHS 400(3), SOC 5 GS(3), SOC 430(3) (Sem: 5-8)

Last Revised by the Department: Spring 2015

Blue Sheet Item #: 43-06-076A

Review Date: 4/14/2015



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